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Our Story

Welcome to the Royal

Starting from galaxy Chef in 2014 With the expansion of the customer base of galaxy Chef and in compliance with the customer’s desire, we decided to open the Royal Calxi at the Mansour Road 14 Ramadan 2017
Royale was given the opportunity to add new varieties of oriental and international cuisine





Our Dishes

Features & Services

Our Food

Royal Galaxy offers Oriental and Western cuisine

Arab, European, America, and Asian

Our dishes are characterized by taste and delicious taste


We chose the Royal Calxi design
The luxury and distinctive form of VIP dining halls

Customer service

It is characterized by Royal Galaxy with

a trained staff and coach
In serving customers and applying tourist rules


Royal Galaxy chain restaurants offer

a network of driver delivery

In most parts of Baghdad

Best Food

Our Menu

Our Gallery

Oriental Food

Western cuisine



Our Staff

Our Blog

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